Garbage Rock

by Loudness War

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This album came about because two kids wanted to make a really sick record and make lots of noise and use a lot of fuzz pedals.


released September 6, 2014

Matthew Urquhart- vocals, drums, guitar on tracks 3, 7, 11
Stevie Spring- guitar, bass, vocals on tracks 2, 4, 9, & 10
Ryan Welsh- drums on tracks 6, 8, & 11-13
All Songs Written by Matthew Urquhart & Stevie Spring
Recorded August 2014 at Urquhart Castle in Baton Rouge, LA
Special thanks to Seth Spinner, Chase Cangelosi, & Quinn Tull for lending us some instruments and mics



all rights reserved


Loudness War Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Fuzz-worshipping garage rock band from Baton Rouge, LA.

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Track Name: Boris the Caveman
They call me Boris and I ain't too smart
To me being dumb is an art
I'm a caveman and I live in a cave
I power my car with my own two legs yea

Won't you make my bedrock more, girl
Won't you make my bedrock more
Won't you make my bedrock more, girl
Won't you make my bedrock more

I prowl the streets and I'm looking for food
Just seeing my face puts you in a bad mood
I'm walking and they're throwing me out
I'm gonna go and dry my tears on the couch

Track Name: Chill Fuzz
Have you ever stopped and wondered?
Pondered deeply in your head?
What if feet don't make us move?
But we move the Earth instead, oh no

Walking down the sidewalk
Sidewalk moving me
I'm by no means a philosopher but I'm pretty smart
And that thought is freakin deep

Have you ever stopped and stared off?
At the sky so distantly?
And thought, what if clouds aren't clouds at all?
But just hunks of floating cheese, oh no

Track Name: Cosmonaut
I take my hand and tear open the sky
Floating up in space, I'm tether like a kite
I take off dashing at the speed of light
Gotta find somebody
And I hope
That I'll find somebody
And I hope
I'll find someone

Cause I'm a cosmonaut
Looking around in space
Gotta prove it's not an empty place
And even though I might not find anyone
At least I know
I'm a cosmonaut

I've been searching many days
Absolutely no signs of life
But back on earth, I got me a wife
At least I got somebody
This I know
At least I got somebody
This I know
I got someone

Track Name: California (On My Mind)
I gotta craze
In my head
Using me up like a pencil lead
I've never been there but I know what I'll find
Got California on my mind

On my mind
Sunny beaches
All the time
It's a disease
Just ask the millions of people swallowed up by the rising seas

You've gotta sickness
In your thoughts
That happiness is something that can't be bought
But are you crazy?
Of course it can
Cause comes to morals I'm a casual fan

Track Name: Surf Monster
Deep inside of darkened caves in the bottomless hole called the ocean
Lay the beast in restless wait for the day when its moment will come
It may not know its name but it knows what it's called to do
To break the surf

Ringing bells upon the gates of hell
All to break the spell which has bounded the terror
Once it's free there is no mercy
And you cannot flee from the raging surf monster

Spiral up into the clouds into atmospheres far up above us
Travel through galaxies and the voids of the darkness between
It may not know its name but it knows that the time has come
For all is over

Track Name: Pharaoh
Cruising down the Nile in the night on a carpet ride
Flying through the clouds of the goddess of the sun
Lying with the wife of my god the Egyptian pharaoh

She was under me
And he was wondering
Where in this pyramid
She was

Fleeing from the scene like a thief in the dark of night
Clutching in my hands are the words that she wrote
My god isn't the sun or a king you're my one true pharaoh

She was under me
And he was wonder
Where in this pyramid
Of love
Track Name: Wanna Be Famous
Wanna be someone
Wanna do something
Wanna live up among the clouds
Where the handsome devils spawn
And you never have to cut the lawn

Wanna be a-list
One day be missed
Wanna take like a shooting star
On a ride across the culture sky
And never try until I die

Wanna be famous
Wanna be famous
Wanna be famous famous famous famous

Wanna get stuff done
Wanna get on the scene
Wanna live up among the gods
Where the people all want to know
Where to get tickets to my show

Gotta wake up soon
At least before noon
Wanna do all the hard work now
So I can chill at the edge of the shore
And die choking on the floor

Track Name: Yeah (Oh)
Well I'm sitting in my 1995 Ford Bronco I'm gonna tell you so
I don't know what to do in here but I sitting in this car is miserable
Now what I want, what I want, what I want is for you to stop asking me
Why aren't we doing a damn thing
I just wanna get off my ass and scream


La la la I don't know what to say this sweltering heat is melting my brain
I'm so hot but I look so cool I guess I'll just man up and deal with the pain
Riding on the street doing 45 and the leathers already sticking to me
Ya ever been on a school bus?
It's just like that but a lot more lonely

Track Name: Psychic
I see your face and you see mine too
Our eyes they meet but I can't tell what to do
What are you thinking?
I want to know
But then again some things are best left unknown

I wish I could get inside of your head so I could know if I even have a chance
So tired of assuming your thoughts
To read your mind I'll be dreaming till I rot

I can't read minds, but maybe it's better that way I'm happy enough with a sunny day
But in the back of my mind
These thoughts won't leave
Love what I got but a boy can dream

Track Name: Demigod
Come out of your head
Come out of your brain
Cause what is your brain, brain
But the bars on the window of your fate?

Drop all your binds
Linking you to time
Tear off your skin
Power is within
Cause you're not going to become God
If you revel in all that is flawed

Speak to me close
Speak to me slow
Cause what are you really, really
Are you God are you something in between?

Track Name: Garbage
Won't you come to claim me garbage
For now it's time for us to say all our goodbyes
Maybe I'll miss you
My garbage
Or maybe there's reason I threw you away after all

All that you had
All that you wanted
All of these things turn to garbage
All you create
All you destroy
And everything turns to garbage
To garbage
In time

Garbage please drag me down there with you
Cause I couldn't care if I am thrown away
While people forget their garbage
The same day you only delay this with fame

All that you had
All that you lost
All of these things turn to garbage
All of your fame
And Boris's cave
These meaningless things turn to garbage
But garbage
Is fine